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Fish taxidermy is the art of mounting fish to preserve their natural looking state permanently. The practice of taxidermy used to be referred to known as stuffing, since crude forms of taxidermy included stuffing the skin of the animal to mount it. Fish taxidermy as well as other taxidermy arts has come a long time since then and the results are now much better with less toxin used.

When mounting fish, or performing fish taxidermy if you prefer, it is nowadays quite common to do so by creating a fish replica - a fiberglass fish to perfectly mimic the original fish. This practice have several benefits; the replica ages a lot better and more importantly, it does not require the actually fish. This allows fishermen to get a mounted fish to put on their wall to display their trophy catch, while still allowing the fish to be released back into the sea to help the wild populations and potentially be caught by another fisherman at a later day. This is especially valuable when dealing with threatened species such as marlin and blue fin tuna. It is also a lot easier to send a photograph and the measurements of a fish to a fish taxidermist than it is to send the actual fish.

Getting a skilled professional fish taxidermist to make a replica of a fish is not cheap, but for many anglers it is well worth the cost to immortalize the memory of the fishing trip where they caught their trophy fish. Fish wall mounts are usually the most expensive type of mount, but they are also the type of fish mount that will be most visible in your home or bar.

Fish taxidermist

Trout that could be mounted by fish taxidermist

A fish taxidermist is a professional artist that creates a perfect replica of your fish to display in your room. During the early years of fish taxidermy fish taxidermists would tan the skin of a fish and mount it, or perhaps more correctly stuff it, to allow the fisherman to display it in his home. This type of fish mounts where quite sensitive and did not age very well. The fish taxidermist trade has developed a lot since then, and today they are artists that use fiberglass to great fish replicas. Some taxidermists make custom work while others sell pre-made fish replicas made to look like fish of a certain species as well as a certain length. These pre-made fish replicas are often good enough but to really capture the memory it might be worth spending the extra money on a fish taxidermist that make custom work. Read more about fish taxidermists

Fish Mounts

fish replicas

Fish mounts can be either replicas of fish or actual stuffed fish skins. They are used as ornaments and mementos. They were also, and to a degree still is, a way to show others that you really did catch a trophy fish, e.g. a big sailfish or trout. However, since most fish replicas of today are fiberglass fish that can be bought online without ever having been near a fishing rod their value as proof of catch have diminished, at least without the photos to back up the claim. Read more about fish mounts.

Fish reproduction

fish reproduction

The actual reproduction of a fish usually starts with photographs of the fish as well as information about the length and weight of the fish in question. To reproduce the fish the fish taxidermist starts by creating a fiber glass model of the fins and body. This is what eventually will become the fish mount. The fish reproduction continues with the taxidermist painting the fish to retain all the details of the real fish. It is not uncommon for different fish reproduction steps to be carried out by different artists. One might for instance make the glass fiber fish and then let someone else paint it. Fish reproduction is an art and it is really worth looking at previous work before getting a fish replica from a certain artist. Read more about fish reproductions

Fish mounting

Trophy trout

The work of a fish taxidermist, the process of fish reproduction and the creation of a fiberglass fish can all be referred to as fish mounting. The term fish mounting can refer to both the creation and painting of a fiberglass and the art of mounting that fish replica into a surrounding that mimics the thrill of the catch or the nature in which the fish was found. In its least glamorous meaning, the term can refer to the simple act of putting a fish replica on its stand. Read more about fish mounting.

Fiberglass Fish

Fiberglass fish would be a great memory

Most fish mounts today are as earlier mentioned fiberglass fish that has been painted by an artist to create a perfect fish replica. Fiberglass fish can either be custom made to exactly mimic a real fish, or more commonly, to replica a typical fish of that species and size. Creating a custom fiberglass fish is a lot of work compared to doing a standard fish with existing molds and a custom fiberglass fish is therefore more expensive than the typical copy. Read more about fiberglass fish

Fish wall mount

sailfish mount

A fish wall mount is a fish replica designed to be placed on a wall, e.g. in a home, office or bar. The classical fish wall mount is the sailfish mount and the marlin mount, but common wall mounts include a lot of other large and small species. Fish wall mounts are not limited to large marine species - trout, salmon and bass replicas are just a few examples of other popular fish wall mounts. Read more about fish wall mounts.

Fish Replicas

salmon fish mount

A fish replica, or fish mount as they are also commonly called, is essentially a fiberglass fish replica created by a taxidermist. For many anglers the fish replica is much more than a simple object – it is a memory of a trophy catch and of that great feeling that comes with landing the fish of your dreams. The fish replica conjures up memories of the good things in life and a simple glance may be enough to take you through that stressful, chore-filled day where everything seems dull and humdrum. This is why some anglers won't hesitate to spend hundreds of dollars on what is basically a plastic fish. Read more about Fish Replicas, and what makes them worth their price.

Mounted fish

fiberglass tunas are widely available

A stuffed fish is really a thing of the past since fish taxidermist usually don't stuff fish any longer. Instead, they make near perfect fish replicas to be mounted on stands or hung on walls. You can for instance choose to have your fish replica mounted on a piece of wood or in a natural surrounding. If you want to get your fish mounted it is easy and all you need to do is to contact a fish taxidermist and send them info and photos of the fish you want mounted. Read more about mounted fish or how to get your fish mounted.

Fish replica

Small fish to make fish replice of

A fish replica is often bought or made to celebrate a trophy catch such as a sailfish mount, trout mount or sailfish mount but they can be used to commemorate so much more than that. For instance, catching a small perch might not seem like something worthy of a fish replica, but making a replica of your sons' or daughters' first catch can be a wonderful gift to them when they grow up and a treasured memento for you. Another example of when a fish replica can be the right thing to do is when a beloved pet fish has died. Read more about fish replica.

Fish mount

Fish replicas

A fish mount can be made from any fish, although they most commonly portray trophy fish. This is not because trophy fish make the best mount but because trophy fish tend to be the one people want to remember and is ready to pay to get replicas of. The most common fish mounts are sailfish mounts, marlin mounts, bass mounts and trout mounts but other fish such as tuna are also quite frequently mounted. Read more about fish mount.

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